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Your new WildBlue.net home page will bring you a mix of news, weather, sports, and entertainment. Better yet, you can customize your start page to reflect your interests and hobbies. It's all organized on a single web page powered by Google.

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Choose from more than 2,000 Google Gadgets that you can add to your customized home page. You can get everything from the latest news to applications to help keep you organized.

WildBlue.net e-mail, powered by Gmail
Your WildBlue.net email addresses are now powered through Google’s popular Gmail tool. With more than 7 GB of storage per e-mail address, you may never need to throw away another message!

Google Apps: Great tools at your fingertips.
You’ll also get the latest services from Google, including Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs, and more!

What WildBlue customers are saying:

"No DSL here, no cable here, only very slow dial up available until now. Thanks to wildBlue for giving me broadband in a remote location. I can finally enjoy the internet at home!" -- Scott, Evergreen, CO

"I never thought we would ever get this great a service out here in the boondocks.." -- John, Casper, WY

WEBSAT is sometimes misspelled as WEB SAT and often people misspell WILDBLUE as WILD BLUE, WLD BLUE or WILDBLUE. We do our best to direct any searches for WILDBLE Satellite High Speed Internet, WILDBLUE Satellite Systems, WILDBLUE Internet Dish and Modem, WILDBLUE High Speed Service, WILDBLUE Web Service, WILDBLUE Internet for Rural Areas, WILDBLUE $50 off promotion, WILDBLUE for $99, Wildblue powered by DIRECTV, Wildblue powered by Dish Network, Wildblue powered by DSI, Wildblue powered Dish Net, Free Wildblue System satellite to the correct locations for service.  If used on this site, those terms refer to the WILDBLUE service.